Atlantic Travel Affiliate Program


As an A.T.A.P associate you will learn what it takes to become a successful travel business owner. That’s exactly what you are a business owner, and our experience will help make you a success. We will provide you the following time proven steps to attain that success.


Marketing and Advertising – we will show you how to utilize contacts, flyers, business cards, and the telephone to find and develop prospective clients


We will provide you with access to industry specific online tools which will allow you to find the best vacation needed to suit your client’s desires.


Now that you have found the client and their vacation of choice it’s time to make the booking, this step is the most important as your client’s satisfaction depends upon it. We will provide step by step instruction to ensure a smooth and error free reservation is made, we do this through:

  • Computer based booking tools and websites

  • Contacting tour operators or the cruise lines directly

  • Utilizing A.T.A.P customer service reps who are here to support you in all your needs


Now that your client is booked and until they leave on their vacation their booking is monitored to ensure there are no unexpected changes.


Now the part is most interesting to you – YOUR COMPENSATION
The client is found, the vacation package has been made, the client has left and your check is on the way- GOOD JOB!!!

Enhance your Business with a personalized Branded Website

Atlantic Travel is happy to announce that to better help our associates become more succesful we have developed a way for you to have your own personalized branded website.

By having a website you gain the credibility and proffesioalism needed to be succesful in this highly competitive business. This also gives yout client the ability to go online and research exactly what vacation package suits them best.

Business Cards

Atlantic Travel knows the most inexpensive way to advertise is by the use of business cards. If you have never use a business card we will happily help you develope one that accentuates your business and gets you known.

Education and Training

Atlantic Travel knows that the travel industry is an ever changing business and to be successful continually educating our staff as well as our at home associates is a necessity. We are always updating our training website and our method of communication so everybody is up to date and on the same page.


It cost you nothing, the information is free, and you just may find out this is the best opportunity you've ever had in a long time.

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